This two-hour documentary uses powerful and personal narratives to tell the stories of the four flights — American 11, United 175, American 77, and United 93 — that took off the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 unaware of the life-changing events to follow and fate that would forever intertwine them. The documentary contains riveting and emotional human stories of those aboard each doomed jetliner. Looking at all four flights for the first time in one program, the special unveils a saga of surprising connections, strange coincidences and detrimental decisions. From one flight tracking another as it veered off course, barreling toward Manhattan, to the final heart-wrenching phone calls to some incredibly harrowing yet heroic moments, viewers will hear about the bravery of passengers, crew, air traffic controllers and more who tried in vain to intercept the airliners.
Distribution: History Channel
Production: Left/Right
Director: Jonathan Meyersohn
Producer: Ursula Fahy, Michael Baratta
Director of Photography: Michael Martin
Additional Camera: Ted Snow
Head of Post Production: Susan Naples