Directed by Amy Poehler, LUCY & DESI tells the story of the groundbreaking comedian who forever changed the way the world viewed comedy and paved the way for scores of women who followed in her footsteps. Using never-before-seen archival film and personal still photos, and first-person narratives, the documentary will trace Lucy’s surprising journey—as a performer as well as a businesswoman, and will illuminate her upheaval of male-dominated comedy, breaking barriers for women in entertainment and beyond.
Ball’s childhood was defined by financial and emotional hardship but she was determined to pursue a career in show business. She met her future husband Desi Arnaz on the set of the 1940 musical, Too Many Girls  and in 1951, they used their own money to produce and film the pilot for I Love Lucy, which was then bought by CBS. During the height of I Love Lucy, two-thirds of the nation tuned in to watch Ball and her husband Arnaz every Monday night. The show was known not only known for its broadened view of what comedy could be, but also for tackling subjects many deemed too risqué for broadcast – the most prominent being the marriage of a multi-ethnic couple, and Ball’s real life pregnancy. Ball’s pregnancy became a story arc in the series, and when Ball went into labor on the show, which aired the same day she gave birth in real life to her second child, Desi Jr, it drew 44 million viewers, 15 million more than President Eisenhower’s inaugural speech from earlier in the day.
Long after her death in 1989, Ball’s legacy continues to be reflected in the TV industry at every level and continues to inspire and influence the work of our most lauded comedians. Her relationship with her husband and professional partner, Arnaz, was not only one of Hollywood’s great love stories, but also one of its most legendary business partnerships, transforming the television industry and American culture for decades to come.

Distribution: Amazon Studios
Production: Imagine Entertainment & White Horse Pictures
Director: Amy Poehler 
Producers: Mark Monroe, Jeanne Elfant Festa
Director of Photography: Axel Bauman
Additional Camera: Ted Snow